The Heart of NJPI

We’re guided by the values we hold and the way we see the world!


Excellence, Opportunity, and Options

New Jersey spends the fifth most in the country per-pupil, but we aren’t getting the results we’re paying for. Our students deserve better – and as a state, we know we can do better. The solution isn’t to spend more, it’s to spend smarter and more creatively. There are three beliefs that inform our approach to education solutions. We believe every student is unique and learns differently. We believe every student deserves access to a high quality education regardless of where they live or how much money their parents make. We believe free market ideas have the power to raise outcomes, increase opportunity and access, and multiply the options available to New Jersey’s students. We’re eager to bring New Jerseyans to the table to work on solutions in the areas of outcomes (excellence), access (opportunity), and options.


Community, Economic and Workforce Development, Taxation, Accessible Housing

New Jersey families and business owners are staggering under the country’s highest income and business tax rates, on top of dealing with the national price hikes and inflation. Some serious work needs to be done to make New Jersey a financially attractive place to live, work, raise a family, or build a business. But we have it in us! Time to get creative. We believe there are five critical building blocks to a thriving economy. First, we need a strong fabric of nonprofits, churches, and community services to foster meaningful relationships in an increasingly disconnected world and give individuals non-government off-ramps out of poverty. Second, we need to turn the key on the engine of economic development through reduced business taxes and regulations to entice new businesses – and with them, new jobs. Third, we need a ready workforce to fill jobs in our growing economy. Workforce development initiatives are critical paths for the unemployed, homeless, rehabilitating, and those who choose non-traditional, non-college paths post High School graduation. Fourth, we need to reduce the income tax burden on New Jersey families. And finally, we need accessible housing options that protect the value and character of existing communities while making renting and home buying possible for more New Jerseyans and incentivizing personal responsibility and pride in ownership. These are tall orders, which is why we’re bringing New Jerseyans to the table with us to hash out the best ways to accomplish these bold plans. When we do, you will see people flooding into New Jersey like never before.


Supply, Affordability, and Reliability

Legitimate energy solutions have been few and far between, and sometimes downright laughable (think windmills up and down our coast that are costly, inefficient, and harmful to the environment). Our electricity costs are 4% higher than the national average. Energy is a commodity almost as critical as air and water. Residents need access to a stable, affordable, and reliable supply. This will require looking at our old systems and evaluating where updates and modernization may be required. It will mean getting creative – but not foolish – about conserving what we have. And it will necessitate incentivizing utilities to provide reliable energy at competitive rates.

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